What are we Called?

Rather than complicating the matter, it is probably best to just be called Christians – those who follow Christ.1 Other labels found in the Bible include: saints, beloved, sons of God, disciples, etc. Rather than being distracted by label, it is better to focus on the core of our faith. When God’s saints gather together we find them taking the description ‘assembly,’  or ‘group.’2 We might better recognize the traditional term: “church.” Our name before men is less important than our name before God. We ought not name ourselves after man but after God.3 He sees our names for who we really are. His book of life4 can’t be fooled or manipulated by church title or human roster. We are Christians; we are of Christ. There is no higher name or calling.5 As we look at other Christians we see brothers and sisters in Christ.6 We see fellow heirs to His kingdom.7 We see fellow bond servants.8 We see holy ones made whole by Jesus’ blood.9 We see loved ones – those whom God loves and those to whom we ought to devote ourselves.10

Who is the Church?

Each individual is personally a disciple of Christ, yet when disciples gather together the assembly, or church, has specific purposes and God-assigned limitations.11 The church is made up of God’s people.12 He has created a singular assembly of mankind under a new head- Jesus.13 Yet at the same time, there exist groups within that church that consist of Christians in limited time and place. In other words, there are individual churches that meet all over the world.14 Each church is autonomously connected to Jesus without going through each other. These assemblies subscribe to the order which God assigned. It is comprised of members whom God assigns.15 We can put our names on a church registry, but God alone fixes members to His church.

We do the best we can on a limited scale, but have no authority outside of God’s written word. The church is not an authority. The church is not a clergy. The church is a collection of God’s children. Each local body meeting in various geographical and historical locations is part of God’s assembly of saints. Buildings and doors are merely meeting locations. Burn the buildings and the church lives on. Shut the doors and the saints will still gather. Kill the members and the heavenly host expands. Nothing can destroy God’s Kingdom.16

What is the purpose of the Church?

God designed the church for a reason. Fellow saints are powerful instruments of encouragement and proper living.17 When we spend time with believers we are better able to fight the discouragement and temptation with which the adversary is attacking us.18 The church is also able to praise and glorify God in a way individuals cannot. God has given a series of roles and responsibilities to members so that the whole may benefit.19

Since the enemy cannot destroy the church, he has placed effort to construe its purpose in the world’s eyes. Satan tries to demonize the church in the eyes of non-believers. People see churches as cults of secrecy and closed-mindedness and bigotry. God’s church is the opposite. His purpose for the church is to accept all His children,20 to promote knowledge of truth,21 and love neighbor as self.22 Satan then turns to warp the perspective of those who believe. Satan convinces people that the church is for acceptance of all behavior and lifestyles, where people can go to feel good about where they are and what they do. People gather in the name of Christ under the guise of the Lord’s church to praise themselves, to be entertained by performers, and to get a good high. This is not God’s church either. The church is not for self esteem, self validation, or comfort. The church is for praising and thanking a perfect and powerful king,23 being reminded of God’s holiness and love,24 pushing each other to make changes for improvement,25 and studying His words which pierce us through to dominate our self will.26 The church is for edification which brings true joy.27 But our purpose and joy does not come in entertainment, it comes in being challenged to adhere to God’s word.

The Importance of Authority

We could discuss for a lifetime the best way to accomplish the mission and purpose of the church. Be we don’t have to, nor should we. God has already given the church order.28 If we choose to act as a church to accomplish something God doesn’t want the church to accomplish, then we are abusing our head – Jesus. Likewise if we try to accomplish proper goals but in a way not approved or in a way specifically prohibited, then we cannot rightfully call ourselves God’s church. The issue of authority is vital to determining who is the Lord’s Church verses who has fallen to the deception of the enemy. If a church is found by God to be in violation of Jesus’ permission or desires then they are not legitimate. We must remember that Jesus is King.29 He is not on the throne so we can behave however we want.30 His focus and concern is our salvation.31 When we as a church act outside of His will, then we jeopardize our holiness. The church respects its head and authority, and makes all effort to do as He has indicated.


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