The Story of Jesus

The story of Jesus is often called the Gospel. The Gospel means “good news” and was itself preached by Jesus.1 The Gospel is about repentance and adherence to God’s will. The Gospel which Jesus preached was about the kingdom of heaven. The transition from earthly to heavenly is good news to those who want to be right with God. A heavenly kingdom is poor news to those who want something for themselves in this life. Jesus’ life story serves as a perfect example to follow.2 It is the fulfillment and perfection of God’s plans. When we study the story of Jesus, we study God’s love and plea for return.

-The Life

Jesus came into this world as the Son of God.3 He came as the anticipated King of all, yet His life was very different from what humans expect from deity and royalty. He came in humility and poverty.4 Rather than devoting His time to having money or forcing His subjects to serve, He gave His time and energy to service.5 He waited to announce his purpose for 30 years, until everything was just right.

Not long after He began to publicly express His identity and purpose, He was met with intrigued crowds. Most of the common people liked Him because He proposed love and generosity.6 He was unliked by officials because He did not fit their bill of a leader.7 He displayed divine powers in healing and care.8 This did not convince everyone of His message. Those who refused to accept what He taught chose to ignore or demonize His proof.9 In only a few short years, the leaders of the Jews though they found away to silence Jesus.10

-The Death

The Jews were legally restrained from putting people to death.11 They were under Roman government. Although they didn’t really care about Roman authority, they saw that it was advantageous to use the Roman system. The greater hinderance to killing Jesus was His popularity.12 Even though the common Jew (and many gentiles) weren’t fully convinced of Jesus teachings, they were slowly being won over. The leaders could foresee that their own unethical leadership would be exposed and ended. So, they chose to use the Roman government to execute Jesus, so that they would still be accepted by the people.

They railroaded Jesus in an overnight trial, accusing Him of things that perked the ears of the Roman authorities. The Roman’s didn’t really care about Jewish problems, but couldn’t ignore accusations of treason. Even the Roman authorities knew Jesus was ultimately innocent.13 Rather than administer justice, they acquiesced to brewing riots.14

Crucifixion was the execution for rebels against Rome. The Roman’s normally saved this method for the worst of criminals. Jesus was far from guilty, but chose to allow the proceedings.  Throughout all the trial, Jesus kept silent.15 He was perfectly aware of the greater purpose of His death. When on the cross, Jesus reminds us of His purpose by saying “Father, forgive them.”16 Life for life, death for death, God’s justice and holiness were now united with mercy and love.

-The Resurrection

Mere humans are subject to the grips of death. It is the last and greatest enemy.17 Jesus is not mere human. He is God with us.18 And so, against all natural rules and expectations, Jesus rose from the dead.19 The death of Jesus is an undisputed historical reality. Belief in His resurrection, however, creates Christianity. There is no reason for Christianity without the resurrection.20 The claims of resurrection are not scientific, they are historical. Resurrection is scientifically impossible, which is why the history of Jesus’ resurrection is the hinge-point of all Christian faith. If Jesus was raised from the dead, then the Christian faith is valid.

We tend not to believe in resurrection today because it is not witnessed today. The humans of the ancient world were the same. They did not believe in the resurrection either.21 The fundamental proofs of resurrection were: scripture and testimony.22 Unless we think this is hardly acceptable, those are the same proofs used to believe anything today. We believe validated written experience and personal credible witnesses. All science boils down to those two proofs as well. The resurrection was rejected by most of the ancient world, except by those who considered written scripture and its fulfillment in Jesus, using the apostles’ testimony to instruct their decision. The disciples of Jesus witnessed a risen Savior.23 This was tirelessly affirmed by all disciples, and even validated by several hundred more un-named witnesses.24

If the claims of resurrection were mistaken, then it does not make sense to think that dozens and dozens of former critics would suddenly choose persecution for this shaky mistake, nor that they all witness the same mistake. If the claims of resurrection were lies, then dozens of men and women died for that lie with nothing to gain. If the claims of resurrection were fabricated, then an entire civilization turned on its fundamental core principles to believe something without credit and for no earthly benefit. This does not fit human nature. This does not fit the evidence. Where did the resurrection come from? It’s simply foolish to the outsider looking in, and was completely rejected by most Jews as well.25 The broad-spread message of resurrection does not fit any human or societal pattern except the model in which the evidence is overpowering. That same eye-witness testimony and scriptural prophecy is available to us through the Bible.26

Jesus’ Teachings

The teachings of Jesus are legend. They are among the most respected works of all history. The problem is they are often unheard or misunderstood. If we simply place Jesus’ teachings among other wise sages’ then we undermine His purpose. He did not come to be one among many. His teachings do not afford us the option to take it or leave it without consequence. His teachings are the foundation for a reformed outlook on life and living. He Himself said that if you listen to Him and do what He teaches, then you will be immovable.27 Any study of Jesus and who He is must include what He said about Himself and what He said we need to be doing.


Jesus claimed to be the messiah, the son of God.28 To us, this might not mean much. But to those familiar with scripture, this is a claim to deity.29 Jesus claimed authority over life, death, and over the very word and message of God.30 Jesus claimed that he was the only path to God.31 He is the only path to life and salvation.32 Jesus was very confident in who he was. Either Jesus was lying and the most foolish man on earth for doing so, or he was as he claimed. Jesus’ claims as a son, king, savior, word of God, and ruler are only palatable if we accept him as God. We must accept Jesus all or nothing. We cannot say ‘I Believe in Jesus but don’t think the Bible is for me.’ Jesus is the Word of God; we either accept Him or reject Him. If we accept Him, we do as He says.33 We don’t make our own rules of morality. He is God’s son, the king. Since Jesus is God and supreme ruler, He expects full adherence to His teachings.

If Jesus is God’s Son and we are followers of Jesus, then God has granted us identity as children of God.34 The analogy of sonship places Jesus as the only true son of God35 (aka, deity), but we are adopted as Jesus’ brothers.36 Those who love and obey Jesus are called brethren.37 We are God’s family. When we recognize Jesus’ identity and accept our own as children of God, then we leave behind our old selves.38 We are ‘born again’ through Jesus’ death into God’s family.39


Jesus expects His disciples to continue in His words.40 Deviation from His teaching and will is not permissible.41 There is no tolerance for casting his words aside. We are expected to love God with all our being, and we are expected to love our neighbor like our own selves.42 Everything He expects of us is wrapped up in these two principles. If we are God’s children then we must act like it.43 God will not allow His household to act out of selfishness, hatred, or contention. Our identity is no longer about us.44 We are lights that reflect God’s holiness.45 We must be devoted to being like Him, because we are His children.46 If God is love, then we are too.47 No more selfishness, no more hate, no more fighting. Only love.

Loving God and neighbor is also described as denying self. Jesus wants us to put ourselves last in all things.48 We must be willing to give up things we want and the way we want them if they are contrary to God’s will or service to others.49 This denial of self is exactly what Jesus did.50 He expects us to be like him.


There is no room in God’s kingdom for those who resist God’s will. And so, Jesus was most adamant that not all who attempt to serve will be accepted.51 People want to serve God their own way. This does not work. Jesus excludes those who do not listen and do not adhere to His teaching.52 It is vital to see the importance of His authority. When we feel we can worship and live like we want, we rebel against the fundamental expectation to Love God will all our being. The path that leads to life is narrow, even among those who claim religion.53 Not every path to God is valid.54 This is because of God’s Holiness. The only way to Him is through Jesus’ blood. Jesus’ blood only covers those who truly die with Him and follow Him instead of self.55 This makes the study of scripture the key.56 The only way to know if we are in line with His holiness is for Him to tell us.57 He has told us, and His words have been preserved for us. We must not follow any other path to salvation – for all other paths lead to the gates of destruction.58 

On the other hand, God excludes none who want to come to Him.59 If we truly accept Him and His ways, then He wants us. Our background, race, gender, problems, or mass of sins do not keep His love from us.60 He loves all, and accepts all who obey.61 Exclusivity is based solely on our love for God. If we truly love Him then we will do things His way.62 This includes the way we live, drink, eat, work, laugh, and worship. It is all guided by His will.


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