God’s Holiness

The primary attribute about the God of the Bible is His holiness, or purity.1 He is good. Genesis opens with God creating Light.2 Light is diametrically opposed to darkness. We elsewhere read that God himself is Light.3 Jesus is manifest as that same divine light.4 In Him there is no sin or imperfection.5 There is no flaw, there is no mistake. God cannot make an error, a misjudgement, or overlook any detail. This is all part of His Holiness. Our relationship to Him is predicated on understanding His purity. We are sinners.6 We are flawed, lost, rebelious, and mistaken. Jesus taught that we are should strive toward perfection because God is perfection.7 The importance of God’s goodness and purity cannot be overstated. This is what qualifies Him to be God. No person lacking perfection and purity could possibly be God.

Since God is Light, Goodness, Purity, and Perfection, then any deviation from that glory is evil. The slightest spot or misjudgment completely rips apart what is pure from what is defiled.8 This is why all are in dire straits. One doesn’t have to be a ‘horrible person’ to be in violation of God’s holiness. Even the best people on earth have been separated from the perfect Creator.9 This is the problem of sin. Sin is not about arbitrary rules that a dictator set up for no reason. Sin is a violation of what is pure and perfect on any scale. All moral issues are about adhering to the purity of the only One who is and who defines holiness.


God’s Justice

Because God is pure and perfect, He is also fair.10 He is able to see things from an un-biased and unhindered perspective. He is able to see what needs to happen to correct all wrong. This correction is called justice. He instilled a heavy sense of justice into our mind. All humans of all time have a sense of what is fair. Fairness is part of the Moral Argument for the existence of supernatural, because justice and fairness are not found in nature. Balance, surely, is found in nature, but nature only governs nature. Nature does not govern good and bad deeds; God does.

Because God is just, He cannot allow deviation from His goodness to go unbalanced.11 All wrongs are weighed out and considered. Since God is the standard of what is good, He has both the right and the obligation to deal with things against His nature. He has determined that life for life is necessary to make all things right.12 Unfortunately, when we go against His goodness, our spirits die.13 Because we have dead spirits, we are incapable of providing a life for our own faults. We are stuck, awaiting judgement from a fair and holy God.

God’s Mercy

If God was only Holiness and Justice then we would have no hope, nor even exist past our crimes. That He is willing to put up with us and be patient with us shows another attribute of His perfection: mercy. He does not deal with sin instantly. This is perceived as ambivalence by some and negligence by others. To those who perceive their own imperfection, the delay of judgement is mercy.14 He gives us time to leave imperfection behind and try to be like Him instead. He is willing to provide the solution to our problem. The solution is that we need to become pure again, and we need to live again. God’s mercy is willing to allow us a second chance.

God’s Love

From the beginning, God has displayed His love.15 Love is the best display of God’s holiness. He continues to offer us paths of escape when He could rightfully punish us. Beyond withholding punishment, God blesses us richly.16 He created the world with so many pleasures. He did this out of His love. How we approach these blessings is how we show ours. God gave us pleasures so that we must choose between them and Him.17 If we had no choice but Him then we could never truly love Him. Because He is love, He made us so that we can love Him in return. When we ignore Him for the sake of earthly pleasures, then we choose to hate Him.18 When we use those pleasures to glorify and honor Him, we love Him. This is the whole reason we are here. The problem is we have not loved him. We need salvation.

Love is the key to salvation. God’s mercy provides us an opportunity for a second chance. His Love is the plan. It was love that drove God to offer His mercy. It was love that sent the solution in Jesus.19 Rather than displaying resentment toward us, His enemies, He chose to love us.20 His love is not contrary to His holiness and justice. He provided the solution through Jesus for us to become holy again, and to live again. Jesus died so that we could live.21 He is the life to be paid for ours. Jesus could not be hindered by death, so He broke it in His resurrection. By His resurrection we have the opportunity to live as well.22 When we live through the life of Jesus, we become pure again. God’s holiness is accomplished through Jesus. His justice is assuaged in His death. His mercy is extended by His coming to die. His love is perfected in death and in renewed life.


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